Lindsay and Brians wedding was a special day. Lindsay is a dear friend of mine from high school and we used to spend every day after school hanging out. I remember going with her to one of her first dates with Brian- a group of her friends and his friends. It was a fun day! We naturally lost touch through college and the years following- both growing in our relationship and moving around. When they inquired with me for their wedding, they were excited to hire me but they were looking for light & airy photographs which is not something I would label my style as. I’ve definitely gone through phases from colorful to dark and moody to highly edited to natural edits and now I think I’ve found a beautiful mix of all of those married into one. It was a good challenge for me to go into their wedding with one "light and airy” in mind. It kept me on my toes, and actually had me try harder to successfully accomplish this goal. It was a joy and I’m so happy with how the images turned out! It made me more confident in my skill as a wedding photographer that I’m not limited to a style but available for what a client needs.