Jessica Pelphrey / Los Angeles, CA (and beyond)

Hello! I'm Jess!

I fuel on deep conversation that blossoms ever so effortlessly, those moments that are remembered forever, travel, good stories and human beings. I believe this is why taking photographs has become a deep part of me. Photography opens me to vulnerable moments and unique circumstances with others and many times, those are the moments I learn the most; about the human heart and all of the shadows and highlights of someones story. My vision is to create a story between the moments of time we have together. My aim is to capture raw, candid and motion filled emotion.

I reside here in Hollywood with my amazing husband, Chris, and our dog. I love Los Angeles, the vastness, the diversity and different landscapes of nature that encompass in every direction. 

I've been photographing my whole life but at the age of 15 I received my first professional camera. I've been working professionally in photography since the ripe age of 16 years old. At 18 I attended Santa Monica College for photography and obtained a degree in photography. At that age I heavily shot fashion photography but also started shooting weddings and fell in love. Now, almost 10 years later since the start of my career I mainly focus on weddings, engagement & portraits. 

In a way, photography has been my longest relationship and it has truly brought me through my highest peaks and my deepest valleys. It has blessed me, strengthened me, taught me, struggled with me and humbled me.  However, through it all I've come to know and understand the art of photography very deeply and I would be honored to have a chance of taking your photographs.

I truly look forward to meeting you!